If you enjoy playing judi online poker, feel that you have been improving over the last few months, but still do not know when you should be 3-betting the pre-flop, here are some tips you should know about.

After all, simply by knowing when to 3-bet the pre-flop and when to avoid it like the plague, you could really increase your chances of success in the game.

What is 3-betting the pre-flop? — Just in case you are not absolutely sure what this entails, 3-betting the pre-flop describes a situation in-game during which right after one raise, another player raises again. This occurs when only hole cards have been dealt so far, with other cards still not on the table.

The reason players generally do this is to get rid of other weaker players. Weaker players will usually be freaked out by a 3-bet to the pre-flop, as they do not want anything to happen that negatively affects their stack.

When should you 3-bet the pre-flop and when should you not? — There is definitely an art to 3-betting the pre-flop, and part of it is knowing what is going on at the table with other players.

The only time you should do this is when you are in a late position in the game. Too early of a position and you will not be able to guess what is going on with your opponents’ hands.

Later, however, you should have a good idea of the cards your opponents may be holding. Later on too, the pot will have a larger amount in it.

What do your opponents think of you? — Have you been properly cultivating your image of being a solid, serious player, or do your opponents think you are too quick to bluff and may not be holding good cards?

If your opponents believe you always play strong hands, then you have a great chance of fooling them when 3-betting the pre-flop.

If they see you as a weak player who does not really know what he is doing, however, they could 4-bet against you instead of folding. In that instance, you would have a serious problem.

Are you playing against weak players — Assess the skills of the other people in the game, and decide who seems to be a weak player.

If there are people that fit this description, 3-betting against the pre-flop could cause them to fold. Too strong players, however, and they will likely not.

How strong is your hand? — Finally, make sure you do have a strong hand before even attempting it.

Do not forget, though, that your only goal doing this is to get rid of other players at the table. That means your hand does not need to take you through to the end of the game, but just be good enough to make sure you and not some of your opponents survive the pre-flop.