Moving up in stakes quickly in online poker is key if you want to start winning the big money.

Thankfully, this can be done faster than you expect if you just follow these tips.

Building your bankroll to manage higher stakes — More than anything else, having a large enough bankroll to handle higher stakes in situs poker online is vital. This can take a few months to achieve. Especially if you are not winning much in the lower stakes.

Start now, though, both adding money to your bankroll and working hard to win more. The larger your bankroll, after all, the longer you will be able to play in higher stakes games.

Strengthen your poker skills — You will need better skills to be able to handle opponents in higher stakes games. This should be a priority for you before you even think of moving up.

Join poker groups online and ask for tips. Read everything you can find about improving your poker skills. Watch YouTube videos offering tips on how to improve, and even sign up for online poker classes. The more you study poker the better you will become, and the sooner you will be ready for the higher stakes tables.

Beat your current levels — Calculate how many games you will need to win in order to beat your current win levels, and then aim for that.

As soon as you are able to beat your current levels, you will usually be ready to move up.

Increase bankroll to 50-100 buy ins — Having enough buy ins to survive long-term in higher stakes in online poker is key. Otherwise, even if you move up, you will have to move back down quickly.

Make sure you have enough in your bankroll for at least 50-100 buy ins. That should give you enough time to learn the lay of the land, and then start to win.