Whether you are gambling online on sites like SBOBET365 or offline in real casinos, there are several sports you should be gambling on before you begin to bet on any others.

These top five sports to bet on are likely to give you your highest chance of good results. Especially if you have knowledge about any of the sports on this list.


Tennis — With many major tennis tournaments now being held around the world, tennis is one of the top five sports to bet on if you are gambling online.

Tournaments are held year round, many of the participants are world-famous tennis players you should be familiar with, and it is easy to find out all the information you need on each player in order to place a smart bet.

Football — Football has been the world’s most popular sport for over a hundred years, and it continues to be so today.

This means there are thousands of football matches being played at any point in time. Football matches that are held on every continent and in every country.

If you love to spend time gambling every day, then betting on football is one of the best sports you can choose. Especially as you can decide to place simple bets on a winner or a loser, or place more involved bets on the number of goals scored, the player that scored them or the points spread.

Horse racing — Horse racing has been one of the top five most popular sports for thousands of years, with the first gambling being done on horse racing as far back as Ancient Rome.

Just like football, horse racing is also held all over the world 365 days a year. This means you can bet on unimportant races in Brazil or major races like the UK’s Grand National or the American Kentucky Derby.

Learn a little bit about the horses and the races, and you could have high success when placing bets.


Golf — Golf is also a popular sport to bet on nowadays, especially with the popularity and success of players like Tiger Woods.

Golf also has hundreds of major tournaments being held around the world, giving you a chance of placing bets and winning major payouts if you are correct.


Basketball — Do not forget basketball when it comes to popular sports to bet on. Especially as the game has gained popularity in countries like Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

This increasing popularity means there are hundreds of basketball games to gamble on every week, with everything available from games between two relatively unknown teams and games between some of the world’s best players.


Research each team before you place a bet, so you know the players who have the biggest impact on games and how successful specific teams have been in the past.