When you look at casino-style games, it is easy to see that poker online is the most popular game at most casinos (e.g. judi online). In fact, it has been for many years.

What makes poker online so popular with so many people, and is it likely to remain that way?

No travel required — While millions of people love to play poker, most of them do not have the unlimited time required to be able to travel to a casino to play, or to a friend’s house to join a poker group. This is one important reason why poker online has become so big.

No travel is required to any destination to play poker online, as you can do so from any location. This means you can play from home, from work, from university, sitting on the train or even while on a vacation with your family.

Games are always open — Offline poker is fun, but it can sometimes be difficult to find anyone that currently has a game open. This is particularly true if you do not have casinos near your home.

With poker online, however, there are tens of thousands of poker games open all over the Internet. To find them, you just need to be registered with a few casinos, and then log in when you feel like you want to play.


All levels of stakes available — If you usually play with a group in your area, you will often be stuck playing the same low or high stakes games.

With online poker play, however, you have access to any level of game you want to play in. This means some days you can play low stakes games, and then move up to higher stakes games as your skills improve. Or you can start in high stakes games and move down.


Free money — Many of the online casino popular at the moment give free cash to both new customers, and to those who have been playing with them for a while.

This cash may only be thirty to fifty dollars but, in some cases, it can be much higher. Either way it is money that can be used to play poker on the Internet so, in essence, allows you to gamble without any cost to yourself.

Large prizes in tournaments — There are some online poker games that have huge pots for the person that wins. This is particularly the case if you enter an online tournament, where prizes can often be given to everyone that finishes in first to 20th place.

If you want to play poker online with a view to winning large amounts of money, then signing up for an online poker tournament could help you achieve that. Just make sure you beef up your skills before you do, as competition can be stiff.