Almost 30 percent of casino-goers aged 55 years of age have gone to a casino at least once a year ago. Additionally, the popularity of riverboat casinos seems to be the year’s highlight among the elderly. According to a survey, 40 percent of players in the said casinos are above 55 years old. One-third of these players are retirees.

The average slot machine user is 51 years old and above. On the other hand, players who are young adults are not that keen on playing the slots. In short, they defy games that are based entirely on lady luck. The younger generations would prefer to play games that require them to compete with other players and test their skills.

Millennials are also more comfortable playing within a social setting. They want more interaction and seek interactive play. To address this need, casino establishments might replace some slot machines with more table games. One famous casino in Las Vegas has already increased their table games by almost 40 percent in anticipation of the needs of the young adults.